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Our facilities are protected with a comprehensive layered security strategy that allows us to deter, detect, and if necessary dispatch armed response to unauthorized intrusions on the property.

  • Multi-Layer Approach

    We take pride in being a trusted vendor to manage your props, sets, scenery, and rare fabricated assets.  Working with our security advisor, we have developed a comprehensive strategy that protects your valuables with best-in-class prevention, protection, real-time monitoring and law enforcement response.  Our layered approach monitors the property perimeter, entry/exit access points and floor level access.  Interior departmental zones are used to keep authorized traffic in approved areas only.

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  • Perimeter Security

    Our first layer of security addresses the facility perimeter by keeping an eye on what's happening in and around the property.  Tracking all incoming and outgoing traffic 24/7.  Smart interactive applications notify building management personnel in real-time when the defined perimeter has activity.  Remote video access will then be used to determine if the activity is authorized or unauthorized, followed by appropriate next steps.

  • Key Card Access Controls

    Our storage centers are equipped with key card access readers and video monitoring and recording systems. Authorized personnel will be assigned an access card with predetermined levels of access to meet their work related requirements.  Key card access points are a great way for us to track and monitor who is entering our facility.

  • Video Surveillance and 24/7 Monitoring

    A key component to any security strategy, our layered approach uses real-time video from multiple locations to monitor the premises when traffic enters into our defined perimeter.  All entry points are monitored by exterior and interior cameras capturing specific metadata to assist in forensic research if needed.  Playback capability also provides an additional level of protection for insurance claims and liability for personal injury to customers and/or employees.  Advance technology provides real-time notification when camera's are triggered based on pre-defined pre-sets by management and security advisor.  

  • Security Response Team

    If an intrusion or threat occurs, our head of security will dispatch local law enforcement to the location as part of the escalation process.  The safety of our customers, employees, security team, and your property are our top priority.  Protocol will be followed to assess all activity with local law enforcement taking the lead when needed.

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