Production Offices / Stages / Set Warehouse / Construction Mills

Triscenic Production Services has expanded their studio quality production space footprint by adding additional production capacity for your Television, Theatrical, Commercial, Live Events Production needs. Our production space/stages are located in beautiful Santa Clarita, California, and are all within the designated 30 mile TMZ.  We also have Production Offices, Mill Space, Roll-Off Services, and Parking.



Stage 15,710 sqft
Length 150 ft
Width 107 ft
Ceiling Height 26 ft 1 in
Bottom of Grid 20 ft 4 in
Flex Space Yes
Production Offices Yes


Stage 17,305 sqft
Length 183 ft
Width 97 ft 9 in
Ceiling Height 26 ft 3 in
Bottom of Grid 21 ft 1 in
Flex Space Yes
Production Offices Yes


Stage 28,750 sqft
Length 151 ft 6 in
Width 157 ft 3 in
Ceiling Height 26 ft 3 in
Bottom of Grid 20 ft 1 in
Production Offices Yes


Stage 15,974 sqft
Length 176 ft 3 in
Width 91 ft 4 in
Ceiling Height 24 ft
Bottom of Grid 20 ft 2 in
Production Offices Yes

Located in Beautiful Santa Clarita, California, the Real Hollywood Backlot!

SCV continues to grow and meet Hollywood's need for fresh, diverse locations, state-of-the-art sound stages, production offices and a city that fully supports the industry with thousands of local residences working in the entertainment industry.

Within the industries 30 mile TMZ, Santa Clarita will continue to attract television and theatrical productions. Companies like Triscenic Production Services will continue to innovate and strive to meet the needs of our most talented and creative storytellers.

Thank you for checking out our Triscenic Production Services. If you have any questions please give us call.

Triscenic Production Services provides Storage and Transportation Services for Television and Theatrical Projects.  Additionally, Triscenic also provides Roll-Off Services for your Studio, Network, and Production needs.  Triscenic tops this off by providing Premium Production Warehouses/Stages, Production Offices, and Construction Mills.

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