Storage ⋅ Archive Services ⋅ Mill Space

Triscenic is the largest set and scenery storage provider to the entertainment industry with over 1.75 million sq. ft. of secure indoor storage space, lock-up rooms and archival services. Archive services are available for your rare or museum quality assets.

Storage Facilities

With 34 warehouses in the Greater Los Angeles area, Triscenic can provide storage (and transportation) services convenient to your production or studio location.

  • Scenery drop storage and rolling storage options
  • Private lock-up rooms starting at 150 sq. ft
  • Custom size private lock-up rooms available upon request (no limit)
  • Space is scaleable to your changing needs

Archival Storage

Triscenic archival services are available upon request to store rare and museum quality assets, props, sets, art, valuables, etc.

  • Secure, private and dedicated space
  • Customized space to your specific needs
  • Space is scaleable to your changing needs
  • Inventory system with frequent scheduled validation checks

Mill Space, Special Effects Shop, Metal Shop

We can provide space to your specific requirements. We understand that having ample room to maneuver, build, repair and store sets is important especially when shooting multiple sets in the same location.

  • Give us a call and we can discuss your specific needs
  • Get ample space to work in a clutter free area
Mill Space

Inventory Services

All sets and groupings get catalogued and physically tagged when delivered into dead storage or rolling storage areas. Knowing where each asset is stored allows Triscenic to pull, load and transport your request, quickly and efficiently.

  • Storing and tracking sets, scenery, and full productions across 34 warehouses
  • Transportation and storage requests are handled with care and expedited to meet your needs

Go Green Recycling, Disposal Services

We can provide recycling and/or disposal services for your project needs. Often time and budget constraints forces productions to quickly dispose of sets and materials over recycling. We are happy to jump in and supervise this process for you. Just let us know in advance and we’ll make sure it’s scheduled and handled.

  • 100% recycling services
  • Disposal alternative solutions
  • Set, scenery, storage services
  • Pick up services